The Jake-Kitty Relationship is the relationship between Jake Puckerman and Kitty. It is also known as Jitty or Kake.


Britney 2.0Edit

Kitty overheards Jake telling Marley that his jacket looks good on her. She then interrupts their conversation and tells Marley that she is dating Jake. Jake doesn't really confirm it, implying that he doesn't see them as a couple yet, Kitty then puts on Jake's jacket and caresses him in the hallway. They are seen at the end of the episode together on the football field where Jake is seen serenading Kitty while Marley is singing Everytime.

The Break-UpEdit

Kitty has started up a club called the Left Behind Club in which Jake agrees on and invites Marley to. At the meeting at Breadstix, Kitty leads the meeting and has a discussion on the rapture while Jake and Marley are having a discussion. After the fake rapture that was committed, Jake meets with Marley at the lockers about what happened. Kitty meets up with them, and Jake calls off their relationship. Kitty blames this on Marley, and hands back Jake's jacket and saying, "Obama's gonna lose." She is last seen pushing a student into the wall and heading down another hallway.


Related songsEdit

  • Everytime by Britney Spears. (Britney 2.0)


  • Their relationship is similar to Finn and Quinn's in Season One as they were dating while at the same time him and Rachel had feelings for each other, and Jake and Kitty are dating while him and Marley have feelings for each other.