The Jake-Marley Relationship is the relationship between Jake Puckerman and Marley Rose, which is commonly known as Jarley.


The New RachelEdit

When Mr. Schuester posted the glee club sheet for accepted members and also during Chasing Pavements they share a look. Besides this they don't have any other interactions.

Britney 2.0Edit

While Marley is having a chat with Unique, she lays an eye on Jake who is talking to Tina at the same time. Unique tells Marley not to start anything with Jake, because he has a reputation of being a womanizer (she even sings Womanizer to make her point clear), although it is to no avail, since Marley and Jake then arrange to meet. Marley and Jake then meet outdoors, where they sing Crazy/'U Drive Me Crazy as a duet.

After Jake is finally accepted into glee club, Marley wants to make it obvious that she'd like to date him. Just in that second, however, Kitty steps up and rubs the fact that she and Jake are now dating into Marley's face. Disappointed by this experience, Marley then sings Everytime to the glee club. During the performance of Everytime, Marley watches from the bleachers, upset, as Jake serenades Kitty.



Crazy/U' Drive Me Crazy by Aerosmith/Britney Spears (Britney 2.0)

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  • Womanizer by Britney Spears (Britney 2.0)
  • Everytime by Britney Spears (Britney 2.0)