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The Brochel Bunch:Edit

  • LoveYourLife

Reasons To Ship Brochel:Edit

  1. Brody is so nice to Rachel.
  2. Brody is the only one who clapped for Rachel during the "Freshmen Reaping" at NYADA.
  3. Because Brody respects Rachel's boundaries.
  4. Because Brody is smokin' hot! <3
  5. Brody thinks Rachel is "crazy sexy."
  6. Rachel also thinks Brody is sexy.
  7. Brody rode on a train for 45 minutes sandwiched between a Jesus impersonator and 2 lost German tourists just to see Rachel.
  8. Brody is always thinking of kissing her whenever they are together.
  9. He agreed to dance with her in her dance class, even though he wasn't allowed to.
  10. They dance and sing well together.
  11. They are perfect